Welcome to IllReh Products

All our products are hand-crafted and bespoke made! 

IllReh Creations
IllReh Creations

Family pictures recreated

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Nurturing Staples Basket (Free)
Nurturing Staples Basket (Free)

Basket for two people aged 65+

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Treasured Bounty Basket
Treasured Bounty Basket

Personalised with extra special items

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Free food basket for people aged 65+

Art Supplies

Bespoke creations including art work and personalised footwear!


Bespoke baskets for any occasion 

Ringing Phone

For all orders call -  07960320796

Hello, my name is Winnie Adams-Bell, I am the Director and founder of IllReh Products. IllReh Products is a Family run Business providing bespoke products to our customers. 

We at IllReh are passionate about serving the community. One of the main ways we aim to serve the community is through the delivery of our Free Nurturing Staples Baskets to support the wellbeing of our intended customers. 

IllReh has three Product Areas:

  • IllReh Nurturing Staples Baskets 

  • IllReh Treasured Bounty Baskets 

  • IllReh Creations

Customers will have freedom of choice and feel special with their unique creations.

We Hope You Enjoy What IllReh Has To Offer!

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