Nuturing Staples 

IllReh Nurturing Staples Baskets are Free Food Baskets for those aged 65+ across the Birmingham area. IllReh will create and deliver the Free ‘Nurturing Staples Baskets’. Every Basket will contain at least five food products including rice or pasta, the food products will be from established household known brands and will have a six- month minimum expiry date.


The type of baskets that will be given will be based on the number of occupants in the household aged 65+. If there is one person in the household aged 65+ the basket will contain at least five Food products and if there are two or more people in the household aged 65+ the baskets will contain at least eight Food products. The products in each Basket have been carefully chosen to allow you to create main meals along with snacks.


If you have a relative, friend or an associate that is aged 65+ and you would like them to receive a Free Nurturing Staples Basket, or if you would like some further information, please complete the ‘New Customer’ form and Email the form to:                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                You will need to provide verification of age.

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Please Click Here for the 'new customer' form.

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If you would like to support IllReh in the provision of our Free Nurturing Staples Baskets, we accept donations through PayPal...  You can donate using your PayPal Account or through your own Debit/Credit card..

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